The Boogie Song

Once in a while a get a silly jig in my mind that I put lyrics too. The Boogie Song is just another silly (and little bit naughty) song from such an occasion. It’s meant more for a party dance type atmosphere, but if you’re anything like me (God forbid) That’s just about anywhere at … More The Boogie Song

Travelling Light

I wrote this song after going through a rough patch in which I had to give up my beloved house and I had to become a council tenant which is something I never thought would happen. However I still considered myself to be lucky when I thought about those who are not so fortunate and … More Travelling Light


Besides being an author and avid reader/reviewer, I’m also a song writer. Elaine is one of the songs I’ve recently released. Please click link below to listen to the song. The lyrics are posted beneath. Itunes/Apple Music Amazon Digital Spotify Google Play Deezer SoundCloud Routenote Lyrics Elaine, Elaine I love you can’t you see Elaine, … More Elaine