All I Can Say

While All I Can Say will be viewed primarily as a love song, and there have been people in my life it could just as easily have been written for, I actually wrote it to thank God for all the times in life he helped me through both good and bad. Download/Stream: Amazon Digital Google Play Spotify … More All I Can Say

This Is True

My inspiration for writing This is True actually came about from friendships over the years… There is obviously a lot more going on in these friendships than one reads in the lyrics, but they present the general gist of the strong bond between these friendships. Stream/Download: SoundCloud Amazon Digital Google Play Spotify Deezer Routenote Lyrics: The first … More This Is True

I Remember

Originally posted on Author Kevin Cooper:
I wrote the following Country Music song in honour of a past relationship which is so long past it seems like it was in another life. The song was written with the intention of it being performed as a duet. With that in mind, Brian and Melissa were kind…

Travelling Light

Originally posted on Author Kevin Cooper:
I wrote this song after going through a rough patch in which I had to give up my beloved house and I had to become a council tenant which is something I never thought would happen. However I still considered myself to be lucky when I thought about those…