Kari’s Reckoning

The epic adventure concludes as the Shiplord vies for what he desires—the throne of Ellegeance. Their power in jeopardy, influencers surrender their oaths, their loyalties fractured. Rose, a child of untrained and reckless talent, once again becomes a pawn in the quest for control. As the Cull Tarr solidify their rule, Guardian plots rebellion. Catling … More Kari’s Reckoning

Wiz Promo

In preparation for my Christmas KDP special which is scheduled to start on Sunday, December 1st, I’ve chosen the following excerpt from: The Wizard, The Girl and The Unicorn’s Horn Without warning, the wizard stops and motions the goblins to be still. The goblins listen intently but hear nothing. They sniff the air but don’t … More Wiz Promo

Carta del Diablo

I have re-released, Carta del Diablo which is the Spanish translation of The Devil’s Apology. For those of you who like to read in Spanish, it is now available at Amazon: Esta es una historia corta que proporciona una historia épica-satírica de la guerra con Dios y sus ángeles desde la perspectiva del diablo. Aprendemos … More Carta del Diablo

Trading Knives

Corgren more than holds his own in the prize fighting rings where skill with a knife is the only mercy he’ll find. While an old enemy haunts his memory, new ones gather with each victory gained.  Corgren’s choices narrow. A stranger offers Corgren power for his service, tempting him with revenge for past wrongs. He … More Trading Knives