I’m hoping to release a new album next year which I’ve decided to call MAGICAL. It will be very different from my debut album: There Goes That Sound (See below) in that the music will primarily be love songs and ballads, and the album will be a solo work. The first track to introduce this new project, Magical has been released as a single:

There Goes That Sound

There Goes That Sound is an album that presents the songwriter’s journey through a variety of musical genres and styles with songs that were inspired by both real-life experiences, and fantasy. The range of musical genres within There Goes That Sound are pop, country, folk, dance, jazz, holiday and easy listening/ballads.

Three Songs from There Goes That Sound

7 thoughts on “MY MUSIC

  1. I envy people who can create music. I’m tone death but I wrote e a lot of lyrics over the years.hearing a lytic I wrote was one of my major joys in life. Keep creating music,never stop.its like magic

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