Short Stories & Poetry

Caboodle & The Whole Kit

Caboodle & The Whole Kit is filled with relaxing episodes of life, family, love & romance, faith, and even the odd, inadvertent run-ins with some quite unsavoury fictional characters.

This anthology of short stories, poetry, and songs also includes the latest edition of KC’s popular short story: The Devil’s Apology.

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Amazon Review: Kevin Cooper’s Caboodle and the Whole Kit (2016) is part fan fiction for lovers of JR Tolkien, Star Wars, Wuthering Heights and other favorite literary characters and the rest a ‘caboodle of the whole kit’. Cooper cleverly puts the reader in favorite literary scenes through the eyes of today’s reader by posing a conversation between favorite characters and Kev. When he’s not chatting with and interviewing the greats in literature, he is sharing folk songs, poetry, and even short stories–all with an eye on fun and entertainment. For example:

Interview with Heathcliff
Place: Wuthering Heights: Near a cliff over by the heath on the North Yorkshire Moors, England. Wanting to escape the heavy downpour and ferocious winds, Kev hammers on the door of a remote farmhouse.
Kev: Tell me a little about yourself, Heathcliff. You are no doubt a gentleman yet live in this squalor of a farmhouse?
This is not the typical read. Enjoy it. Be mesmerized by the creativity. Start and stop as time permits, fitting the entries around and between other activities as a way to forget reality for just a little bit.

Highly recommended for those who love a non-traditional approach to many of the classics. Jacqui Murray

Animal Tales

Animal Tales is a delightful collection of short stories and poetry, most of which were inspired by real life events and animals.

All profits from Animal Tales are donated to Animal Rescue Centres.

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Amazon Review: “Animals Tales” is a delightful mixture of poems and short stories about pets. One poem brought a smile to my face. A Source of Joy: “Paws at the ready—Anticipating—Movement on the screen…”. I could easily relate to a computer screen being under attack! Some of the work focused on the author’s cats. I enjoyed, and connected to that part of the book. I really appreciated reading through the animal’s eyes, in some of the pieces. There was a short story, though, that really moved me. A Life for a Life that was about dog abuse. It was painful to read parts of it, yet, there was a lot of hope in the tale, too. This collection of short stories and poems is for anyone who is a pet owner or just loves animals. D.L. Finn


The Illustrative Version

A wonderful collection of poetry and songs about love, life, relationships, and musings about things we can’t truly explain like dreams or Déjà vu,

In this illustrated version, you will find some of the poems have been rewritten and are therefore different from the previous version. Additionally, each poem has an illustration that perfectly complements it.
The unillustrated version can be read in its entirety on my Free Reads page.

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Amazon Review: This is the first poetry book that I have read that included illustrations. Each illustration compliments and reflects the poem simply and beautifully. The illustrations remind me of a painting in an art gallery. There are a few poems that I could relate to on a personal level. They carry words of life and beauty. Words of finding love in a musical way. One poem actually seemed as if it was a song. I am not one for spoilers so pick up your copy and find your inspiration. Jazzy Jenness

Carta del Diablo

Carta del Diablo is the Spanish translation of The Devil’s Apology. The english version can be read in its entirety on my Free Reads page.

Esta es una historia corta que proporciona una historia épica-satírica de la guerra con Dios y sus ángeles desde la perspectiva del diablo. Aprendemos como al principio todas las cosas fueron creadas y cómo es que Dios y el diablo llegan a estar en desacuerdo; comenzarán discutiendo y seguirán las batallas.

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Amazon Review: Captured in conversational first person, the Devil in this Apology isn’t the least bit contrite—nor hellbent on converting you to his way of thinking. Recounted as memoir, and reinforced by biblical concept, The Devil’s Apology doesn’t just embrace spiritual skepticism, it lauds it. Author Kevin Cooper is on figurative fire, naming key players in a narrative that echoes the older-than-ages battle between God and the Devil, and updates it simultaneously, tying in probing, theological questions to rudimentary string theory. A blue-print for any devil’s advocate, The Devil’s Apology is a page-turner, with apocalyptic undertone that paves a provocative alternative alongside the standard, spiritual path. Karen Robiscoe