Kevin Cooper is an eclectic author & songwriter. His publications are diverse, ranging from Animal Picture Books, Children’s Fantasy, to Short Stories & Poetry, Childhood, and Coming of Age Memoirs, to Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Kevin’s books appeal to a variety of audiences including Children, Young Adults, Animal Lovers, Readers devoted to Memoirs, and Ardent Poetry fans.

His works also present elements of drama, mystery, suspense, psychological and metaphysical occurrences, and historical fiction.

Kevin has also recently released some of the songs he has written. His music is quite diverse with a mixture of styles and techniques.

KC was born in Hull, England. At 21 years of age, he moved to the USA where he first attended Western Kentucky University, but transferred to Asbury College where he graduated with a BA in Psychology. He then attended Asbury Theological Seminary for a couple of years before moving to Arizona where he enrolled at the Grand Canyon University, obtained a research fellowship and graduated with a M.Ed.  His career in education spanned from tutor to teacher, to college lecturer. He later changed careers and went into management working for The Hertz Corporation. After almost twenty years living and working in the USA, he returned to England where his worked in the NHS for several years before giving up work to care for his wife, and focus on his writing and music.

Some of  KC’s major influences in fantasy literature are JRR Tolkien, Philip Pullman, C.S Lewis, Terry Brooks, and J.K Rowling.

Kevin Cooper’s Author Page: Author Central

16 thoughts on “A SHORT BIOGRAPHY

  1. I am so glad to meet you, Kevin! I am a bookworm, and I am always thrilled to meet with fellow book lovers. I see you have been posing with guitars quite a lot, and I wanted to tell you I am a guitar maniac too! Just love playing old Eric’s songs on my rusty six strings.

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  2. Hello! authorkevincooper,
    You are a Pro writer Kevin and for that reason, I wanted to notify you that I have nominated you for the SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD. You can check on my blog what you can do to accept and nominate others. Congratulations! Take good care and all the best,
    Jeofrey Ogire

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  3. Kevin, this is Colleen Chesebro. I think your Facebook was hacked. I have someone claiming to be you: “I apply for the ongoing offer program and When I applied for it, I got a sum of $50,000.00 and it was delivered to me at my doorstep.” I’m deleting you in messenger.

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