Free Reads

Below you will find both whole works and samples for you to read from a selection of my publications. I will update this page periodically so you can check back for even more free reads. I do hope you enjoy them.

The Devil’s Apology

Witness the powers of the heavens in majestic battles between angels and demons as the devil tells us his version of the story in this short epic fantasy/satire.

The Devil’s Apology is a Christian based satirical sci-fi/fantasy presented from the devil’s perspective.

This work presented here in its entirety over three posts and can be read for free by clicking on the links below:

Prologue & Part One

Part Two

Part Three


Reflections: Poems, Songs and Muses is a collection of poetry and songs about love, life, relationships, and musings about things we can’t truly explain like dreams and experiences such as Déjà vu.

This work is my first of its kind and is divided into three parts: Of Love, Of Places, and Of Things. The entire work can be read here for free by clicking on the links to the posts below:

Of Love

Your Eyes To Smile



Love Is A Rock

I Dreamed Of You


I Want To Write You A Song

The Right One

Oh My Darling


I Love You

Of Places



Beautiful World

Do You Feel It

Of Things


Silence Is Not Golden

Déja vu

Four Short Poems