Reflections: Silence Is Not Golden

I wrote, Silence Is Not Golden when we were preparing to move house and had put the cats in the cattery for a three day period so they didn’t have to deal with the added stress of the move when it all started. Waking up early I immediately missed their presence the sudden silent and empty feeling overwhelmed me and later, upon reflection, this poem came to life.

Silence is Not Golden

I lie awake feeling 

A little constipated

I know a glass of water 

Will do the trick

 I lie here all the same


It’s the silence

My pets are not home

When I go downstairs

I will greet nothing

 I lay here 

I ponder 

Needs as must

I arise

As anticipated

All is quiet

No furry 

Little things awaken

To greet me 

Tails held high

No little 

Wet noses 

Rub my hand

No-one to lead me 

Into the kitchen

No little voices

Asking for milk

No bright eyes Beckoning

All is quiet

All is still

 I pour

I drink

My water

The place is empty

No sounds

No scuffles

No running

No chasing

No pattering 

Of little paws

I head back to bed 

 No reason

To stay a while

Who said silence is golden?

What went on before?

For me

Silence is not golden

It is emptiness 

Nothing more

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