Reflections: Four Short Poems

My final instalment from Reflections contains four short poems which were inspired by simple observations.

The Exterminator

The exterminator

Sprays the house

The critters move

Next door


Sprays next door

The critters return

Once more

We do our best

To rid the pest

It’s useless let’s

Keep them as pets


Beautiful bird

So proud

Showing off

Bright yellow breast

As you walk by me

Oblivious to all reason

Street Sweeper

The street sweeper

Sucking up garbage

Blowing out dust

Cleaning the street

Polluting the air

We breathe

As we pass by

Lord of the Sky

Flying so freely A flower

Against the sky

Petals outspread

Soaring around

The mountain tops

I do hope you have enjoyed reading, Reflections. If you wish to own the work, it can be downloaded from Amazon:

12 thoughts on “Reflections: Four Short Poems

  1. I like how you capture these simple moments in life that we usually experience and then forget. I’m also reminded that I sure am glad I don’t have to deal with cockroaches and termites anymore, after moving back to New England from the South.

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