Reflections: Do You Feel It?

We all at some point in our lives question our existence, the meaning and purpose of life, and other such things. But they are not just questions, they are thoughts and feelings that are brought to the surface from the depths of our souls. Do You Feel It? Reflects upon those thoughts and feelings.

Do You Feel It?

We are all born

Of this earth




And to the earth

We belong

She is 

Our mother

Do you feel it?

We marvel

At the world

Around us


The same breath

The birds

Connect with

The air

The fish

The Sea

Other creatures

The land

And we

As guardians of all

Do you feel it?

The wind

Lulls us

The sea

Calls us

The land

We walk

Embraces us

The stars? (What an audience!)

Do you feel it?

To our souls Eternal

She beckoned

Be a part of me

She cried

For she

Wants to share

Her Beauty

And life

From Sea

To Land

To Sky

When we

Return to

The well

Of souls

Her memory

Shall go on

When all

Is passed

She shall

Not die

But be blessed

In eternal Song

Do you feel it?

Our souls

Shall be

Beckoned again

Newly born

We shall be

Another Earth

Another Star

Another Galaxy

And again



Do you feel it?

14 thoughts on “Reflections: Do You Feel It?

  1. It’s so beautiful, Keven. Yes, we have so many things, events, and possessions in our lives. At the end, we all cross the line, leave everything behind, to join a better world. πŸ™‚

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