Reflections: London

I was inspired to write this poem shortly after London hosted the 2012 Olympics. I was so proud of what we achieved as a country and it got me thinking about other great feats our great land had accomplished throughout history.


Oh London 

Capital of greatness be

Great wonder for all 

Travellers to see

A beacon of greatness 

In all that you are

On the isle of the sea 

In its beauty afar

One thing truly 

Gives you your name

One thing could never bring 

Your people shame

Royalty and wealth 

Is so manifest

Shows to this world 

How much we are blessed


Great London 

Some loath your own name

It’s called out for charity 

It’s called out in blame

You are great London

City of the free

Live long in your greatness 

On the isle of the sea

Oh London 

Though you have long 

Deep history

All does not glisten 

That is old

You have legends 


Such mysteries

Still you shine on

In Olympian Gold

Oh London 

Shine on 

With both your 

Past and present

With all future banners 


Shine on 

Oh great beacon 

For the isle of the sea

You give hope 

To the rest 

Of the world

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