The Devil’s Apology: Part Three

I hope you enjoy this third and final instalment of The Devil’s Apology. It is in this final part of the story that we finally find out what it is Lucifer wants from us as he recounts the rest of his story with his final plea to humanity. Enjoy.

The Devils Apology

Part Three

No one knew Legion’s secret for the longest time, because no-one survived to tell the tale. Hence it came to pass that when Beelzebub and Legion went out together to wage battle, they were unstoppable!  

They won battles for many millennia and relished in their victories.  Oh, those were good times! Then, slowly things started to change. That was when the upstart Gabriel came about. Gabriel wasn’t always so bloody wonderful.

Apparently, your god was getting tired of his angels loosing battles against my demons. But he let it keep happening all the same. He made other plans. 

After losing his great champion to Legion, he withdrew his general Gabriel and his greatest captain, Michael. He sent his angels out in larger groups with at least a couple or more seraphim leading each group.

 Their focus was always Legion. At first this worked to our advantage, as you already know but then larger and larger groups went for him, then suddenly the strategy changed. 

During one battle three hoards of angels went swooping upon Beelzebub and while he was distracted with commands to his own army, five seraphim whom hid themselves among an army heading for Legion suddenly burst forth upon Legion when he least expected it. With five Seraphim upon him, he had no choice but to reveal his true nature before straying from the battle. At this point the five seraphim backed off and the battle receded. 

Even Beelzebub would struggle warding off five seraphim, so I showed my understanding to Legion when he and Beelzebub related the tale to me. Why did they break off? That was the question that worried me and I realized that the whole purpose for this battle was to uncover the true nature of Legion.

I decided that I would directly involve myself in the next battle to try and find out what your god was up to. It was foolish of me. He had anticipated my involvement and low and behold. There he was in all his ugliness waiting with a newly evolved Gabriel and a newly evolved Michael. 

He must have poured much of his power and put a lot from the elements of his universe into their new making. They looked magnificent.  

To my surprise, your god ordered all his angels led by all of his seraphim to attack our hosts. Beelzebub and Legion had seemingly no choice but to join the fray and I let them go on their own judgement. That was my greatest mistake. I should have ordered them to stand by me until I could determine the full scale of his plan. 

While Beelzebub and Legion were beset by the seraphim, your god along with Gabriel and Michael bore down on me. I did not anticipate this. Beelzebub and Legion were so distracted that they didn’t notice our little battle going on. Finally, the three of them together got the better hand and managed to bind me with chains made from the elements of the stars themselves. By the time Beelzebub and Legion noticed, it was all over. 

In my chains, Gabriel and Michael gloated over me and your god demanded the surrender of Beelzebub and Legion. I acquiesced. 

We were bound and thrown back into my universe, Hades. We made oaths not to enter into your god’s universe again, but that is where I got one over him. 

You see, as I said, your little galaxy was created in my universe. You may be his, but he cannot keep me having influence. He may have my surrender, but he hasn’t won. Another war is brewing. The chains can’t last forever, they are but elements from the stars and in time all thing wax and wane. Already they are loosened. And your god knows this. He is nervous and so he should be.

Once I am free, I still have my universe to work with and as I did not use so much of it in our last war as your god did, well, let’s just say, I have had plenty of time to plan and my generals have had plenty of time to strategize. And then there is you, you did not ask to be involved in all this, but you are in my universe after all and your god plans to use you whether you want it or not. 

Had you merely strayed into my universe I would gladly have guided you back in some adventurous way. However that is not the case. You were created in my universe by your god. Therefore you are as much mine as you are his and there is no place to guide you to.  I lay no claim however, and I force nothing upon you. I simply wish only to grant you what is rightfully yours: Your free will.

I offer you nothing but honour and glory. I can make you powerful beyond your wildest dreams and imaginings. I can make you mightier than the Seraphim. I will honour your victories even as I did and still do honour those of Beelzebub and Legion. 

You have a choice. When the time comes and your god calls you to his bidding, will you do as he expects you to? Will you go as a lamb to the slaughter or will you use your free-will and choose me? 

Do not fear your god as he would have you fear him. Remember, the choice is yours. Over this he holds no power.

What say you?

The Devil’s Apology is also available in Spanish:

Carta del Diablo

I do hope you enjoyed reading The Devil’s Apology. Any thoughts and reviews would be greatly welcomed. 🙂

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  1. Your writing is amazing. And creepy. It’s riveting. Even though it’s so not my style – I like light, fluffy for fiction – I had to read till the end.

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