The Devil’s Apology: Prologue & Part One

I decided this morning that since many people are in isolation with plenty of time to read, I would post instalments from my works starting with my very first publication: The Devil’s Apology.

The Devil’s Apology is a short story fantasy presented from the devil’s perspective of how his fall from grace came about as he describes some of the magnificent battles that were fought in the heavens. This is the first of three parts to the story… The other two parts will be presented in later posts. Enjoy!

The Devil’s Apology


I am known to you by many names: Satan, Beelzebub, Lucifer, the devil…  It matters not, for none of these are my real name anyway. Only I know my real name. Not even he, whom some of you call ‘god’ knows my real name for I am his equal and as such we need not offer our real names, nor need we answer to or for one another. We both came from beyond the great abyss. By abyss, I do not mean the deep blue sea or anywhere on earth, I mean beyond space and time as you would understand it.

 As I said, I am as he is and he is as I am, nothing more and nothing less.  But to you, we are gods. 

He created you for his own purposes, just as I do with my own creations. And therefore he will do as he will with you.  Since you are his creation, I have nothing to do with you. However, due to unmitigated circumstances, I can no longer sit idly by and let your god continue to deceive you. 

My reasons are my own but I shall not hide that not all is well between me and your god.  A great war is brewing!  I think it only fair to let you know the truth so you can choose to do what you will when the time comes. I offer you nothing and expect nothing in return. However, in you lies my own hope that someday you may use the one true gift your god has given you: Free will; your freedom of choice. 

What your god has not truly let you know is that he does believe you will use your free will when the time comes. He believes that you will see he is almighty and will automatically accept and do as he says without any acknowledgment of your free will.  This is his one true hope.

I therefore implore you. Use your free will, join me and all that is mine, and share in my glory.  Nothing more do I ask. 

My reason for this apology is an attempt to awaken you from your slumber and open your eyes to the lies and deceit that have been woven and continue to weave their way into your very existence.

How then, can I defend myself against the growth of lies so fathomless that they seem to be only truth? By telling you the real truth? So be it. This then is my sole defence, my account, if you like. This here is my apology.

I will not bog you down with hours of study, I shall keep this account as simple and as plain as I can. Beware! If you believe, this story will undo everything you ever thought to be true, perfect, pure and wise. If you do not believe, you will undoubtedly be sorely offended. So be it!

Part One

             It’s hard to put a time on things when you have existed even before the universe began which is why he, (your god) chose, “In the beginning” for his story. Well it’s not exactly true you see because, I was there before that and unfortunately, so was he.  And believe it or not, so were many others.

Allow me to digress and explain that there isn’t just one universe, there are many universes created by many of us eternal beings, or if you like, many gods and goddesses. Now, normally, we do not have a problem with one another and we simply busy ourselves each to his or her universe. I mean, when you live forever, you have to do something to pass the time, right? Even you mortals should be able to understand that.

Anyway, when a universe is created, it becomes one’s playground and one has the ability to grow and shape it as one pleases and have one’s creations think of him or her as the one and only true being of almighty power, since he or she did create them… nothing wrong with that, right?  Love, hate, build and breakdown however he or she sees fit. But what happens if the universe he is creating in does not grow fast enough for him for one reason or another? 

Normally one waits. Since we are eternal waiting should not be a problem, however, for this particular immortal, that wasn’t good enough and he decided to steal a part of a neighbouring universe and continue his creation therein. And that is what your god did!  

That is where it all started…not in the beginning as he would have you believe, but en media race.

             Now in order for you to understand, you have to remember that what I have to say took place many a millennia ago.  Therefore each universe would have been so much smaller.  So back then, when numbnuts (your god) infringed upon my universe, It was simply because he was impatient to wait for his own to grow. 

Since mine is a neighbouring universe and I was busy at the far end of it, he thought that if he inadvertently stole a piece of my universe as it was expanding, I would never suspect and would by mistake, think it was the border of his playground.  I saw this as an outright insult to my intelligence! Which, simply put, is obviously considerably far superior to his own.  

The maths was simple, well to us immortals at any rate. We have, after all, been around long enough to figure it out. So why he thought I would never notice, I do not know, maybe, rather he thought I would not care?  Big mistake!

             I had doubled back to the far reaches of my universe to finish off a previous task I had undertaken but left to give time to develop on its own. That’s when I noticed the intrusion. I had no choice but to approach him. Putting it into layman’s terms, I did exactly what I believe you yourselves would have done. 

If he had stolen something precious from you, wouldn’t you have gone and punched him right in his ugly face? Well, that’s all I did. I was simply defending my honour and trying to reclaim that part of the universe which was mine.  

After I punched him, I explained to him why I had punched him and we argued and argued about it.  This got us nowhere. How many millennia did we argue for?  Oh, what does it matter?  

             I gave him every opportunity to give back what was rightfully mine and still he refused. He didn’t even apologise for having stolen it to begin with.  I even held counsel with other gods to see what they thought of our debate to try to reason and resolve our issue peacefully but it was to no avail.  Therefore, I had no choice but declare war.

             Yes, it was I that struck the first blow.  The other gods wanted nothing to do with it, so it was just the two of us and has been ever since.  I created the most powerful beings I could muster:  Beelzebub was to be my champion.  From the very elements of the stars I made him, big, powerful, strong and beautiful; the most magnificent creature ever to be created. His rivals had no equal for I had poured a lot of my own power into him.  I made him captain of a mighty army, lesser beings, but mighty and powerful all the same with swords and maces made from the very elements of that black nothingness of space itself.  I called my army demons, the true definition of which is nothing but to signify that they are lesser beings than Beelzebub.

             If you can imagine the powerful force of a black hole that not only sucks everything into it, but also the very life-force of whatever it sucks into it, such is the power of these swords and maces in the hands of those that wield them.  Such was and remains the devastating power of my vast army.  And so vast an army it was, it would have taken you a hundred years to their number. For such was my wrath at his theft, lies, trickery and insolence.  Once my army was ready, I did the one thing that he lacked the patience to do; I waited. I waited until he was truly within his own universe busy with trifling things, and then I set upon him. 

Now as even you know, being eternal beings neither of us can be killed, the worst we can do is ban and block one another from ever entering our own universes which is how and why many universes co-exist and can continually expand, stretch, widen and collapse, because boundaries are forever changing.  It would be dreadfully boring if they didn’t. However, creations can sometimes stray into other universes and that is where we decide whether to let them continue and see what develops; guide them back through the correct boundaries, creating an adventure for them, or simply end their miserable existence if circumstances begin to warrant it.

             As it was, my situation had already differed.  Since your god had infringed upon my universe and placed his own creations within it, starting with your insignificant galaxy. I in turn was able to move between my own and his universe.  I had however, up to this time, never infringed upon him by entering his universe. Our arguments always took place whilst he through his insolence was busy in mine.  However, that was about to end, or so I thought. I led my captain and his army into his universe and set upon him.

 Apparently, he had been doing more than just pretending to work whilst he was in mine for he had built his own army. It was an army of the most fierce and ugliest beasts you could imagine.  He must have been planning to steal even more of my universe to have built such a vast army. It was greater than my own!  

By this I saw that I had no choice but to continue with my plan.  And whilst I led with my captain in this initial strike, he skulked behind his own, grinning at the fact that he could now blame me for starting the war which he himself had apparently been planning all along.

             Throughout all the battles, he kept himself quite distant and thinking himself wise to do so. What he didn’t realize was this is what I wanted. It suited me to a T.  Because, as long as he skulked behind his own army, the war would continue in his own universe and could never enter into mine. (Fool!)

                            Never has there been such a war! You think you with your puny little insignificant world wars would even dare compare?  They lasted but moments compared to my war. My war waged on for millennia after millennia. And I loved every moment of it!

It makes me laugh to think that you are all so smug with you little nuclear devices, so safe from outside interference. Even, if you could all unite, which is an impossible task at best, and tried to enter even one battle of such a war, you would be snubbed out like a match within the passing of a moment. Your weapons are but toys compared to what we used. You believe that you know what war and terror is; you haven’t got a clue!

             I led the first few battles to see what I was up against and saw that he had made their swords equal to mine. I expected as much. They did however, have a very different effect. Instead of sucking everything in and extinguishing the life-force into eternal oblivion, theirs threw out a light and flame that obliterated anything it could penetrate. I was impressed to say the least. Obviously their power had no effect upon me whatsoever, but it could be damning to most of my creation if they didn’t par correctly. 

You see, some weapons are made to defend, some to attack and others do both equally well. However, a weapon such we use is simply an extension of what one wills it to do.  Therefore, one has to become one with the weapon to succeed no matter which kind of weapon it is. It is when one’s concentration breaks that one is more susceptible to being taken. And so it was that whenever I led a battle we won. 

Beelzebub, my great captain, proved to be such a great leader. I became quite proud of him and made him general. I endeared upon him the full power of command.  He won most of his battles, but occasionally some cheap, upstart like that Gabriel who your insolence is so bloody fond of would get the better hand. So I found myself getting a little more involved in the later battles.  

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  1. I’m interested to see where this is going to go. The following passage struck me as an allusion to social media:

    “Now as even you know, being eternal beings neither of us can be killed, the worst we can do is ban and block one another from ever entering our own universes which is how and why many universes co-exist and can continually expand, stretch, widen and collapse, because boundaries are forever changing.”

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