With everything going on lately and hearing news of folks who are stuck indoors abroad actually started me thinking about when Pat and I had a holiday when we were pretty much stuck indoors but for for very different reasons of course.

Pat had fallen down the stairs the morning of our departure to Malta and broken some bones in her foot. She had put a very brave face on it all and insisted all would be well thinking she had probably only sprained it.

Anyway, upon arrival on a clear December’s day in Malta, it soon became very clear due to Pat’s swollen foot and the agony it caused her that all would not be well and she needed medical attention.

Anyway, to cut the story short, we ended up not being able to stray too far from the hotel and pretty much just stayed there for the duration of the holiday. While we made the best of a bad holiday situation, my thoughts go out to those who wish they could enjoy their holiday or come home during this awful time.

Here’s a few pics from our holiday in Malta… For obvious reasons, Pat decided to avoid the camera for the most part.

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  1. That is too bad as I love Malta. It actually features in my next book. I also understand as I did something similar just before a river cruise a few years ago. One we had planned for over a year. I also convinced myself it was just a bad sprain and soldiered on. When I returned home I discovered I had broken my ankle in two places. It looks like you stayed at a nice resort though.

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