Kari’s Reckoning

The epic adventure concludes as the Shiplord vies for what he desires—the throne of Ellegeance. Their power in jeopardy, influencers surrender their oaths, their loyalties fractured. Rose, a child of untrained and reckless talent, once again becomes a pawn in the quest for control.

As the Cull Tarr solidify their rule, Guardian plots rebellion. Catling and Whitt, each gifted with singular skills, seek to sway the course of the conflict. Oathbreakers, traitors, and those desperate to save Rose collide in a final battle for the realm.

Yet, a third player emerges in the deadly game. The kari, spirits of a sentient planet, command the air, water, and land. They manipulate events to satisfy their sovereign designs and care not who survives the human war.

Review: Well, what can I say? This whole series is by far the best of Peach! Kari’s Reckoning is the perfect conclusion to The Rose Shield.

As the ship lords via for control of allegiance, a new and deadly faction arises from whom no-one is safe… Meanwhile, with so much going on, readers hardly find the time to raise their heads for a quick intake of breath before being plunged into the depths of emotional turmoil be it influenced or real.

Peach’s world creations and storytelling skills are second to none, and The Rose Shield series is a must read for all fantasy fans.

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25 thoughts on “Kari’s Reckoning

  1. You’re most welcome, and definitely no need to apologise or attempt to justify anything. I sometimes have to skip blogging and other hobbies as caring responsibilities taken precedence. Glad I made your day. 🙂

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  2. Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Kevin, and for kindly reading the whole series – that’s a 1200 page undertaking! Phew! I apologize for the late visit (a holiday weekend with family – taking care of parents on one hand and grandkid on the other). Well, this review started my day with a happy dance. Thank you so much for your kindness. ❤

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  3. Kevin, terrific review and I’m smiling at your comment of ‘ readers hardly find the time to raise their heads for a quick intake of breath ‘. Exactly! A tour de force of writing and storytelling!

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