Lost River Cave

One of the many trips I had while in the US was to Lost River Cave. Lost River Cave is located on Nashville Road, Bowling Green, Kentucky. Now when I visited it in the mid to late 80’s. It was a ruins. See the pictures. I climbed down somewhat, but couldn’t do much at the time as I had my suit on. (It wasn’t a planned trip)

It is actually a seven mile cave system. It has always been a rich fresh water and food source throughout its history. Even in the American civil war it was used as a camping site (and escape point) for both confederate and union soldiers. Some time later, in 1943 onwards it was used for river dances. However, by the 1980’s it had become a neglected ruin and more of a dumping site than a historical site. This was around the time I came to live in Bowling Green.

I’m happy to say that thanks to Western Kentucky University and The Friends of lost river it has been restored and now offers a two-part tour. The first part is a walking tour through the caves and the rest is on the boats in the river. It is also used as an educational tour for schools. I hope to return someday so I can enjoy the benefits of this wonderfully restored place.

You can find out more about this historic location herehttps://lostrivercave.wordpress.com/

As you can see from this photograph the cave is very different today from the 1980s and you can explore in comfort.

” Plan to spend about 45 minutes to an hour on this two-part tour.

The Cave Boat Tour begins with a leisurely stroll in the valley as your guide shares the tale of the blue hole and disappearing Civil War soldiers.

When you arrive at the massive cave entrance, prepare to board Kentucky’s only underground boat tour. Duck your head for just a moment as you glide under the famous wishing rock. Touch the cool limestone ceiling before the passage opens into a cathedral-like cavern. Sturdy shoes recommended. No dogs allowed on tours.

We encourage you to purchase your tickets online in advance, but it is not required, walk ins are welcome”

Image and more information: http://lostrivercave.org/cave-tours/

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  2. Wow, Kevin, That place looks great. How spooky to have been there back when it was an undeveloped ruin. And to see it now… I don’t expect to make it to Kentucky, but what a treasure for the state.

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