Silent Heroes

When Love and Values Are Worth Fighting For

How far would you go to save strangers in need? And who really are Marines’ most trusted allies?
Military Dogs would risk their lives for their humans in a heartbeat, but can soldiers do the same when personal struggles and global affairs defy humanity?

My Review: I’ve read a few war stories over the course of this year but none of them have been as insightful as this one. Patricia Furstenberg is a truly masterful writer who knows exactly how far to go to keep her readers glued to the pages.

The level of research it must have taken to recount some of the history of Afghanistan which led to these events we read of in the Helmand Province is second to none. We are given insight to the horrors the Afghan people face under Taliban rule, the problems of knowing who one can trust, and the risks involved in even the most seemingly every day menial tasks.

I could go on and on but to be honest, you need to read this book for yourselves… Suffice it to say, Five stars… All day long.

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  1. I really enjoyed this book too, Kevin. The research is phenomenal and I learned a few things, to say the least. The story is action-packed, but also full of heart. Clearly, I agree with your review. Ha ha. Congrats to Patricia. 🙂

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