The Gemini Connection

The Gemini Connection is a story filled with adventure, beautiful deep connections, and fascinating suspense.” –With Love for Book

Planet Tage is dying, and the best hope of saving it is gone.

Seventeen-year-old identical twins Evan and Simon share an extraordinary bond, a trait that’s both useful and invasive. They use their connection in their work at Scientific Innovations. Evan is a Mindbender, someone who enters the minds of scientists to spark ideas, join thoughts, and battle nightmares. Simon is a science prodigy and Tage’s best chance of survival.

Unfortunately, their unusual link often bleeds into their private lives. When Evan discovers his brother is keeping a secret from him, he lashes out and ignores requests to talk, and even pleas for help. By the time Evan tunes back in, he finds their connection severed and Simon missing.

He suffers a terrible case of survivor’s guilt. Moreover, he’s desperate. The fate of the world rests on Simon’s return, and Evan is willing to do anything to get him back—even working with his greatest rival, who also happens to be Simon’s boyfriend.

Evan finds allies among enemies and adversaries among friends. When nothing is as it seems and everything is depending on him, he must explore a dangerous aspect to his twin connection he never knew he had.

If he fails, he’ll lose both his brother and his world.

This is one of the best sci-fi stories I’ve read in a long, long time. What I loved about it the most was the dynamics in the relationships between, Evan and Max, Syd and Evan, Simon and Max, and of course, the Gemini connection between, Evan and Simon. The intensity of these relationships alone is enough to keep the reader intrigued page after page in Polen’s brilliantly penned sci-fi masterpiece.

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  2. Great review, Kevin. I have this on my ereader waiting for me to get to it after I saw on Mae Clair’s blog a while ago. After reading your thoughts on the book, I can’t wait to get to it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  3. Wow! What an incredible story and the characters sound incredible… Many thanks for sharing Kevin! Sci-fi used to be my favourite genre and one I’m gradually returning to, but I’m picky! Your recommendation is valuable!

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