#Poetryreadathon – Reflections: Poems, Songs and Muses by Kevin Cooper

What a huge surprise it was to find robbie’s review of my book floating around in the social media circles and on her blog… Thank you so much, Robbie!

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Poetry readathon

Today, I would like to introduce you to songwriter, poet and author, Kevin Cooper. I recently read Kevin’s book, Reflections, and enjoyed it a great deal.

What Amazon says

Reflections is a collection of poems, songs and muses written from the depths of the soul. If you like things that make you wonder like deja vu and dreams, this may be the book for you.

My review

The lovely poems and songs by Kevin Cooper that are included in this collection are mainly optimistic and inspiring and, to a large extent, they revolve around love. You can sense the writer’s love of music and musical ability in the presentation of these poems which seem to vibrate to their own internal melody.

The lines are short and powerful, incorporated in to punch stanza’s which uplift the reader’s spirits.

One such extract from a poem called Together goes as follows:



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