A Beginner’s Guide to the E Minor Pentatonic Scale

My new guitar method A Beginner’ s Guide to the E Minor Pentatonic Scale is live on  amazon. The book begins with basic information on how to read tablature or TABS with standard rhythmic notation and then jumps into musical exercises and scale exercises in open position. The seven chapters of A Beginner’s Guide to the E Minor Pentatonic Scale are divided according to the minor pentatonic scale positions on the guitar fretboard: open, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th, 12th, and 14th positions with a smaller section between each chapter connecting the adjacent positions on  the guitar. 

Although it may be used as a stand alone book, A Beginner’s Guide to the Pentatonic Scale is designed to be studied with a series of videos that I am uploading each week on my YouTube channel learnguitarandmore. Each video will include a musical or scale exercise from the book along with tips on how to improve the exercise. All of the exercises may be played over a 12-bar blues backing track which will also be included in each video.


This book is not a quick fix for becoming a rock star or a YouTube sensation. Its purpose is simply to aide in the memorization and facilitation of the e minor pentatonic scale from open position through the 14th position.

James E. Guin



For twenty years, James E. Guin has taught guitar in universities, colleges,  music conservatories, and music stores. Presently, he teaches online. Throughout his teaching career, he has used the format and progression in A Beginner’s Guide to the E Minor Pentatonic Scale to assist numerous students at becoming proficient in utilizing the minor and major pentatonic scales across the guitar fretboard. When not teaching music, James enjoys publishing fiction stories, throwing knives, eating Chinese cuisine, and spending time with his family.

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