Guest author: Kevin Cooper ~ Miedo “Afraid”

Sue was kind enough to invite me over to hers to showcase my book: Check it out on her site. Thanks again, Sue! 🙂

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Miedo ‘Afraid’ contains both of the volumes of the Miedo story:

Miedo: Living Beyond Childhood Fear & Miedo 2: A Reckoning With Fear.

After losing his mother at a very young age, Miedo begins to experience a plethora of paranormal/supernatural incidents.

As Miedo comes into young adulthood, he searches for answers to his past. Rather than finding answers, he is left with more questions as a plethora of paranormal experiences occur in his life once again…

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Amazon Review by Claudine Giovannoni:

“All good things must come to an end”

The book tells a true story of a painful past that emerges from the depths of time, which continues to prick the memory of the man who recounts his childhood.
A novel that touches the heartstrings, rattling arcane emotions, in pure and naked sincerity dictated by the need to rework trauma and patterns that have influenced dramatically a…

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