There Goes That Sound… Cloud?

Couldn’t resist messing about with the title for this post! πŸ˜€

Basically it’s my way of announcing that I have created a playlist with all the songs from my album, There Goes That Sound on SoundCloud! However, rather than put the tracks in the same order as they some on the album, I have placed the most popular tracks first.

Please join me on SoundCloud and if you have an account there, I will happily repay any follows, likes and comments. Thanks in advance.

Tracks from, There Goes That Sound

10 thoughts on “There Goes That Sound… Cloud?

  1. Well, as someone who loves to create playlists from my books, this post caught my eye. I’m afraid I’m not talented enough to write my own songs. (And no one would want to hear me sing! LOL) Enjoyed listening to these.

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