Book Promo – ‘My Vibrating Vertebrae’ – by Agnes Mae Graham…

Check out all the fabulous reviews of this little book and download it yourselves… Well worth the read folks!

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In remembrance of my Mum on her birthday.

16 Verified Purchase 5 Star reviews for My Vibrating Verebrae:

These are stories or narrative poetry centered in Ireland written metrically with rhyme. The language flows well. Even when the stories seem dark the author’s heart shines through to light the way. For example, in “Ulster’s Shame”, a dark narrative with “blood stained footpaths and bullet spattered walls” we are not left with “screams” and “terror” but a resolution: “What matters is the depth of God’s sighs.”

She describes the people around her with kind brevity. The ending of “The Brownie Pack” states her love and humbly leaves it to God whether it is returned.

She describes the joyful and sorrowful mysteries of life. In “Tender to Touch” an old man buys a medicine from her. In his confusion he rubs it on his pained stomach rather than drinking it. Nonetheless, he’s…

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