Free Book: One Thousand Blatant Dreams

One Thousand Blatant Dreams by Michael Ghimire is available for free download now through 6th September…. Grab your free copy while you can folks!

Synopsis: An elderly untouchable woman, who had traveled decades of resistance against discrimination and ups and downs of her dishonest life, seeks a refuge on the street near her conclusion as she affects the plans of a young leader who is in the chair for good, after fights of his lifetime. A journalist seeks a glittering career in provocative news and the shows that divide the nation. He follows every move of the young leader. The boy who had been working his ass off to escape from the country for freedom is confined inside four walls. And the Police officer has a chance to escape, but he needs to fulfill few interests of his Godfathers. Everyone must pursue their dream, harming everyone else’s. Someone is to be sacrificed for someone to succeed.

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