By 1970, the hippie scene was faltering, a victim of both inner contradictions and external forces. The Vietnam war resistance, psychedelic drugs, sexual openness, the freedom of the commune – it seemed that everything about the 1960s could be incredibly liberating or wildly destructive. Against this backdrop, Jazmine, Ziggy, Ragman and a coterie of hippies discover an LSD-spinoff drug that triggers past life regressions and sweeps them toward a dramatic climax. This is the epic tale of hippiedom we’ve been waiting for, intimate in the lives of its characters but panoramic in its coverage of the sights, sounds, and ideals of the Age of Aquarius.

Review: This book is probably a good read for a select group who have experienced something similar in their lives. Not being from the hippy era and having no experience with drugs, I struggled with it and found myself skipping through most of it. For me, it was lacking something vital which I could not put my finger on… It simply did nothing for me whatsoever and I found myself focused more on the syntax (which was fine by the way) than the actual story.

I gave it three stars because I didn’t find anything wrong with the writing itself although I do think it could have been work could have been presented better and needs to be revised to meet KDP guidelines. (The chapters started a third to halfway down the page of the previous chapter ending.

Other than that, it is what it is and I honestly don’t know if or how it could be improved to provide someone like myself a better reading experience. I feel I’ve been as generous as I could be with this review and its rating. The book needs some work.

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