You’ll Never Walk Alone

When Lucy is given a beautiful ruby necklace by Pierre, a gorgeous man she’s only just met, her life suddenly becomes more complicated. 
But the necklace isn’t Pierre’s to give and he and Lucy are forced to flee from Albie Chan, the local Triad boss. With night-club owner and would-be gangster, Big Al, also in pursuit, Lucy is drawn into Liverpool’s shady underworld via a secret network of underground tunnels. Here we meet the enigmatic Aurora, her suave yet sinister assistant, and a band of strange little people.
There’s a kleptomaniac monkey called Fingers, and an Abyssinian cat with a talent for tracking which comes in handy when an odd little jade statue in the shape of a camel turns up. A possibly-forged painting is discovered, and there’s even a cameo appearance by 1980’s pop star, Pete Burns, although these two things are not necessarily related.
Finally, when the adrenaline rush is over, can we just sit down and watch the footy please?

Review: Given the title of this work, I wasn’t really sure what to expect in its content. With such an iconic song and 1980’s Liverpool as the backdrop of the story what is there not to love?

The story is full of interesting characters, especially those of the two couples. Gary and Gina have a strong established relationship, and live what most would consider to be a normal down to earth sort of life. Lucy and Pierre are caught up in a wild blooming romance which spins them into a life that some may consider as living on the edge.

I have to say it, my favourite characters are the cat, and Fingers, the monkey… Had to laugh when Gary explained why he was called fingers. I do love it when an animal is given a great character.

There is so much going on… The Ruby, The triad, other gangsters, the Liverpool underground, and the jade elephant. You’ll want to take your time with this one.

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    Many thanks to author and songwriter. Kevin Cooper, for his review of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. My two animal characters are thrilled to bits at the shout out he gave them. “Sound bloke this Kevin,” said Fingers when I read the review. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

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  2. Oh Kevin, what a lovely review! Thank you! Not sure how I missed this earlier this week. I’m so pleased you enjoyed reading it.
    And now I’m going to pester you will the KDP freebie offer for my first novel (this one’s set in Lancashire) after your kind invitation to showcase. I thought I try another plug in advance of the Bank Holiday weekend – be in touch shortly.
    I’ve got ‘The Devil’s Apology’ in my Kindle too.

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