Silent Mayhem

Some things in life defy comprehension, but that doesn’t make them any less real. Or deadly.

When a familiar crow drops a cryptic scroll at Shawnee Daniels’ feet, she’s compelled to open it, even though everything in her power warns her not to. Mr. Mayhem—the most prolific serial killer the North Shore has ever known—claims her life is in danger. He “claims” he wants to help her, but just last year he threatened to murder everyone she loves.

While Mayhem taunts her with oddly-placed feathers, like The Creator left at his crime scenes, an interstate killing spree rocks Massachusetts and New Hampshire. A madman is decapitating men and women, dumping their headless corpses on two area beaches. But what Shawnee soon uncovers shatters all she’s ever known, her memories shredded, the whispers of the past in shambles on the ground.

Can she find the strength to move forward, or will the truth destroy her?

Review: Once again I found myself engrossed in the world of Shawnee Daniels and Mr Mayhem as he tries to warn her of the impending danger upon her life and the lives of those she loves. The problem is, how can she believe or trust a serial killer, especially when she believes he may be involved in a series of beheadings currently under investigation?

Sue Coletta’s storytelling is nothing short of amazing as she presents us the Native American background of scalping involving European ancestry, native American prophecy, mystery, and witchcraft.

It has to be said, that Coletta’s ability to draw out the reader’s sympathy toward the serial killer is genius. Then there are the new villainous characters the reader yearns to learn more about. However, for me, Poe, Mayhem’s loyal crow companion remains the steadfast favourite of all the characters.

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  1. Thanks, everyone, for the amazing comments! I can’t figure out how to respond to each comment. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude to you all. ❤ You guys made my day/week/month! As for the next Mayhem book, Kev, I'm juggling that with my new venture into true crime. Hope to finish it soon.

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  2. I love the birds in the book. In the series. Then again, I love everything about this book and series. Sue is an amazing talent. I’m dying for the next book in the series. Great review, Kevin.

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  3. An excellent review, Kev. I really enjoyed this novel by Sue, and like you found Poe to be a standout character. The way Mayhem works with all three crows is genius, but Poe steals every scene he’s in.
    I also loved the Native American legend aspect. Bravo to Sue, and thanks for sharing!

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