Blessed Mayhem

A chance encounter . . . a deadly predicament . . . a lethal decision.

The infamous Mr. Mayhem is not your average serial killer. Reminiscent of the beloved Hannibal Lecter, minus his thirst for flesh–because eating humans is just plain rude–Mr. Mayhem storms on the scene with style, grace, elegance, and a zest for life unlike any other. Impeccable manners also help. He may commit murder, but there’s no reason to be impolite about it. 

Accompanied by his loyal crow companions, Poe, Allan, and Edgar, his crimes strike fear in the hearts and minds of folks across Massachusetts’ North Shore. When Shawnee Daniels–cat burglar extraordinaire and forensic hacker for the police–meets Mayhem in the dark, she piques his curiosity. Sadly for her, she leaves behind an item best left undiscovered. Or is it serendipity by design? 

Color him curious, but he yearns to examine the psychology behind her life choices, tough girl routine, witty banter, and unique double-life. In a different time and place they may even become friends. But unfortunately, their predicament defines the risk. The stakes are too high to stop now. For reasons authorities cannot fathom, these seemingly unrelated murders will go down in history as the most impressive killing regime of all time. His coup de grace, if you will. Even if it means permanently erasing Ms. Daniels from the equation. 

All the pieces are there if the authorities look hard enough. The question is, will they? The only new wrinkle is Shawnee Daniels, and she may be his toughest opponent yet . . . if she’s clever enough to play the game.

Review: I thoroughly enjoyed reading this second book of The Mayhem Series. I love Mr Mayhem’s character despite the fact that he is the antagonist of the story. I also love Shawnee’s double lifestyle and attitude.

However, the characters that outshine them all are Poe, Edgar, and Allen I have developed a newfound respect for the crows which frequent my back garden for food, and have even named one of them! (I know, right?)

Blessed Mayhem is a brilliant work that is every bit as enthralling as Wings of Mayhem. I didn’t want it to end in as much as I have already started reading Sue Coletta’s third book in this series: Silent Mayhem.

If you love to read a good thriller/suspense with lots of twists, turns, forensics, and techno stuff in addition to just the gory bits, I highly recommend The Mayhem Series.

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed all the books in Sue’s Mayhem series. Blessed Mayhem was excellent. So nice to see it featured here. Shawnee is such an intriguing character as are all those who inhabit the Mayhem universe.

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