There Goes That Sound

My debut album, There Goes That Sound is now completed and available to stream or download around the globe folks!

There Goes That Sound is an album that presents the songwriter’s journey through a variety of musical genres and styles with songs that were inspired by both real-life experiences, and fantasy. The range of musical genres within There Goes That Sound are pop, country, folk, dance, jazz, holiday and easy listening/ballads.

While some songs on the There Goes That Sound album carry a clear message, these along with others are also left open to interpretation based on one’s own experiences. Other songs such as The Birthday Song, and The Boogie Song, are simply tongue in cheek. After all, one simply must not take life too seriously.  

What excites me most about, There Goes That Sound is it also includes songs for special events and occasions such as birthdays, dance parties, and yes, even Christmas. While listening to the old traditional celebration songs is a wonderful thing, it’s also nice to break away sometimes and try something new.

I Remember which was written with as duet in mind was recorded by Brian and his daughter, Melissa bringing fruition to my dream of it being a duet. Christmas Time became a collaboration between Brian, myself, and Brian’s two daughters, Melissa and Jasmine.

With all this in mind, it is my delight to present you with the soundtrack of There Goes That Sound from Spotify:

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  1. Thanks, Resa. Yes, they are tightening the reigns, but I got on through my music distributor, probably couldn’t have done it without them… It’s the way to go these days. 🙂

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  2. Great! Congrats! I listened to the samplings. I think you got on Spotify just under the wire. I heard they will not be allowing independent uploads soon!

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