I Remember

I wrote the following Country Music song in honour of a past relationship which is so long past it seems like it was in another life. The song was written with the intention of it being performed as a duet. With that in mind, Brian and Melissa were kind enough to collaborate and record it for which I am truly grateful.

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Do you remember the time we were together?

Do you remember the laughter and the tears?

Do you remember the times when things were doubtful?

Do you remember how we scraped by through the years?

 Yes, I remember the way that you loved me

I remember the way that you cared

And somehow those very happy moments

Still bring tears back to my eyes we often shared

Do you remember the times we got in trouble?

Do you remember the good times with the bad?

Do you remember the promises all broken?

Do the memories of those days still make you sad?

 (Repeat Chorus… Yes, I remember…)

Time has gone we’re no longer together

We both just seemed to change throughout the years

You no longer showed me love my darling

And I no longer reached to calm your fears

(Repeat Chorus… Yes, I remember)

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