The Scarlet Ribbon

When a dirty blue car mows Maggie down outside her local supermarket, she becomes trapped in the nightmare world of a coma patient.
In this very different world, she manages to rescue an abused and neglected child. But when it looks as though she will finally wake up, she cannot bear the thought of leaving the child behind.
But is this other world real, or was she just dreaming? And if it is real, can she help this child?

Review: I took my time reading this work because I found it very thought provoking.

On several occasions I was transported back in time to when a previous partner and I visited a friend who was in a coma for several weeks before her husband gave the go ahead to have the life support terminated.

On other occasions I found myself drifting back to when my son was in a coma as a result of a hit and run, and again to his months of recovery as he learned to walk again.

And again to my own experiences of astral travel. This story takes astral travel to a whole new level.

Despite my own deviance, I still found the story most engrossing. I was looking for something different to read and while providing me just that, this story did not disappoint.

In addition to its wonderful book cover, The Scarlet Ribbon is original and well-written with thought-provoking ideology.

20 thoughts on “The Scarlet Ribbon

  1. It sounds as though this book was written for you! It would be frightening to have a child in an accident- much less a coma. I hope your son is doing much better now.
    Thanks for the book recommendation, I’ll look this one up.

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  2. This is a truly mindful review, Kev. I’m sorry that you’ve experienced some of the things that gave you personal insights into the story. Having a child in a coma… what a terrible thing.
    Your review has intrigued me, and I agree that the cover is wonderful. Hugs on the wing.

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  3. Hi Kevin, my website works for me, but I deleted it and re-added it just in case. I deleted the defunct Facebook link, as I’m no longer on there. Thanks for your help 😊

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  4. Nice one, Harmony.
    About your site: when I click on your name/site it still takes me to deleted site message. I won’t be the only one having this problem. The solution: Click on settings, Go down to site address and update it. 🙂

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