The Ruby In The Smoke

If you’ve not yet met Sally Lockhart, prepare to be bowled over. The beautiful, smart 16-year-old can ride like a Cossack and shoot like a demon – and now she’s braving terrible danger to hunt down her father’s killer! Her journey will take her from the grimy streets of London to a Maharajah’s Indian palace and the opium dens of China, unravelling a rich and colourful mystery at whose heart is a priceless jewel soaked in blood… From the glittering talent of Philip Pullman, a king of children’s storytellers, this gripping yarn of courage and adventure will leave you bedazzled.

Review: Philip Pullman is one of my favourite authors. I rank, His Dark Materials up there with the likes of Tolkien’s. Lewis’, and Rowling’s most famous works. While I do not consider this work to be in the same class as HDM, It is still a brilliantly weaved story.

The story is set in the Victorian era, and if you’re into period drama, you will love The Ruby in the Smoke. The characters are superbly developed as you would expect from Pullman. Sally Lockhart seems so real, as do the mysteries and circumstances surrounding her. The backdrop of the story sets the scene perfectly.

As with all the greats who inspire us, one cannot fault their creativity, and writing style.

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  1. It’s a fabulous read, Diana. It’s part of a series, each a stand-alone. And the BBC have adapted them into movies as well with one of my favourite actors: Billie Piper. playing the heroine. ๐Ÿ™‚

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