Twenty-Four Days

In the latest Rowe-Delamagente thriller, the two unlikely partners have less than a month to stop a North Korean missile strike after hijackers steal nuclear warhead-armed submarines. If they don’t, the USS Bunker Hill, on a peaceful mission to observe a North Korean missile launch, will be in grave danger. Piece by piece, Rowe and Delamagente uncover a bizarre nexus between a man Rowe thought dead, a North Korean communications satellite America believes is weaponized, an ideologue that cares only about revenge, and the USS Bunker Hill (a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser) tasked with supervising the satellite launch. As the deadline looms, they call on the unusual skills of a quirky AI named Otto with the unique ability to track anything with a digital trail.

Review: This is an astonishing naval thriller with strong characters, a truly believable plot, and gripping scenes. It takes specialist knowledge and research along with clever writing skills to pull off a story like Twenty-four Days.

I would be fooling myself if I pretended to have fully grasped all the technical details presented in this work… I didn’t. However, that only enticed me to read on because it clearly demonstrated, Murray’s technical background and depth of research… I especially love it when a writer puts their whole into a work and it shows.

This is the second in the series, The first being, To Hunt A Sub. This time two nuclear subs go missing and it’s up to Zeke and Kali to save the world…

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