The Pact

It began with a question. Navy Commander Celia Kelly is a strong woman of faith and valor whose husband, Tom Kelly, went MIA. As she seeks to unravel the mystery of his disappearance–is he dead? missing? abducted? –her connections in the military start facing danger. 

“Celia, if you are reading this, I am in trouble or dead.” 

Kelly discovers she’s been set up. With an unpredictable secretary, a by-the-book assistant and a Navy SEAL Team, Celia Kelly has her hands full as a Navy SEAL mission sucks her into murder, conspiracy and a hunt for an arms group, The Pact, missing 20 million dollars. What really happened to Tom Kelly? Is the conspiracy related to Tom Kelly’s disappearance and who are the members of The Pact?

Review: With her husband missing in action, Navy Commander, Celia Kelly is sent on a navy seal mission to uncover and destroy a group smuggling arms. The mission uncovers links to her missing husband and a deep conspiracy involving the CIA.

The story is very well written and constructed and is full of action and suspense with many twists and turns with team members being picked-off one at a time.

CN Bring does a fantastic job of keeping the reader glued to the story in a believable fashion page after page.