The Best Advice So Far

Finding ground somewhere between Dear Abby, Daniel Pink and David Sedaris, The Best Advice So Far is packed with practical advice for real people who are searching for purpose, connection and happiness that lasts.

Simply put, The Best Advice So Far is about embracing the power of choice and getting un-stuck.

The Best Advice So Far
 is for teens and college students, parents, retirees, entrepreneurs, businesses, individuals, couples, teachers, rodeo riders and pastry chefs. The Best Advice So Far is for everyone. 

The Best Advice So Far is for YOU.

Review: Tyler presents us with a very sincere, yet fresh perspective for dealing with issues and problems of every day life. He draws from his experiences as a mentor, his relationships, in particular his long-term relationship with his best friend, Chad, and even shares his inspirations, particularly those of his aunt.

Rather than a ‘Do this/Do that’ approach, Tyler discusses possible solutions and then challenges us to reflect upon our own experiences.

The book is very thought out and cleverly presented with hyperlinks to the reflection exercises at the end of each chapter, and hyperlinks at the end of the exercises to the beginning of the following chapter making it very easy to bookmark.

I have to admit, for me it is usually the simplest things in life that give me pause to reflect and I found Tyler’s chapter, Lemonade to be a real ‘pick me up’ after having a very troublesome week. This chapter will stay with me for a long time. Perhaps there’s a particular chapter for you in this work.

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