A Thousand Rooms

‘You don’t wake up expecting to die.’

Katie, thirty-two, is living a pretty good life.
She has a good job, her own flat, and a fabulous pair of new red shoes. Sure, she hasn’t had a boyfriend for a while, but she figures she still has time.

Until time is taken away.

Hit by a car while crossing the street, suddenly-dead Katie is alone. No angels, no loved ones, no bright lights appear. Katie is a lost soul, wandering the streets of Sydney, trying to figure out what she’s supposed to do next. But Heaven, or wherever she’s supposed to be, eludes her.

A Thousand Rooms looks at life, love, death, and the idea that Heaven is as individual as we are, taking the reader on a bittersweet journey that examines what it means to be alive.

Review: Wow! I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I picked up this work. Shamefully, I hadn’t even bothered to read the synopsis first which is so out of character for me. Why? I couldn’t tell you. What I can tell you however, is A Thousand Rooms far exceeded any first impressions I may or may not have had regardless of my aforementioned neglect.

This is one of those rare books I simply couldn’t put down. I was immediately captivated from the first sentence, and became so completely engrossed that nothing else in the world mattered for a good few hours.

This story would make a great movie that for me would be something like a cross between Ghost, and What Dreams May Come… and some.

Jones’ creativity, originality, writing style, and storytelling skills are first rate. This book ticks all the boxes for a five-star work.

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