A Cold Tomorrow

Stopping to help a motorist in trouble, Katie Lynch stumbles upon a mystery as elusive as the Mothman legend that haunts her hometown of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Could the coded message she finds herald an extraterrestrial visitor? According to locals, it wouldn’t be the first time. And what sense should she make of her young son’s sudden spate of bizarre drawings—and his claim of a late-night visitation? Determined to uncover the truth, Katie only breaks the surface when a new threat erupts. Suddenly her long-gone ex-boyfriend is back and it’s as if he’s under someone else’s control. Not only is he half-crazed, he’s intent on murder….

As a sergeant in the sheriff’s office of the famously uncanny Point Pleasant, Officer Ryan Flynn has learned to tolerate reports of puzzling paranormal events.   But single mom Katie Lynch appears to be in very real danger—and somehow Ryan’s own brother, Caden, is caught up in the madness, too. What the skeptical lawman discovers astounds him—and sends him into action. For stopping whatever evil forces are at play may just keep Katie and Caden alive…

Review: Mae Clair has done it again folks. A Cold Tomorrow transports us back to Point Pleasant with the familiar characters, Katie, Eve, Caden, And Ryan becoming entwined in more mysterious and sinister events. If you thought, A Thousand Yesteryears was creepy with everything going on down in the TNT, you better buckle your seat-belts folks.

Normally I find the second book in a series wanting compared to the first, but Mae Clair is not your average author and once again manages to weave her research into her story in a most sinister way. Makes me wonder what else she gets into while bunking it in TNT.

Without giving too much away, my favourite scenarios are the Ouija board… Very creepy, especially the ‘Goodbye’ bit. The Mental Health Hospital… Tee, hee, hee. And of course the the beginning that draws you in.

Whatever you do, don’t help out stranded motorists, watch out for aliens, oh, and don’t forget the mothman!

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  1. Thanks for reading, Staci. I have to agree with you there. Mae is indeed a phenomenal author and I can’t imagine ever being dissappointed by her work. 😀


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