Excerpt from: The Wizard, The Girl, And The Unicorn’s Horn

Without warning, the wizard stops and motions the goblins to be still. The goblins listen intently but hear nothing. They sniff the air but don’t smell anything. They look to the top of the mountains but see only the sky beyond the peaks.

Grog’s followers look at him, but he just shrugs his shoulders. No sooner had he done so, than their eyes suddenly widen. The shadow sweeps over the mountains and descends upon them in the time it takes them to gasp.

There is menacing laughter in the shadow. The goblins raise their clubs and look around them. Grog stands, legs apart, patting his hand with his club. The wizard stands still, a steady, but firm grasp upon the staff at his side. He shows no emotion and remains silent.

The laughter fades and is replaced by a whisper.

“I knew you would come, old man. Are you missing your stupid simple peasants?”

The wizard remains silent.

“Lost your tongue, have you? Oh, I know, you didn’t expect a confrontation so soon did you?”

The wizard still remains silent. “What’s this rabble you have with you? Goblin retards? Is that the best you can do? Well, I suppose that’s all you get when you waste your life shepherding such pathetic creatures.

“When I have wrested this land from you, they shall cower before me even as your simple peasants do, if I decide they can be useful, that is!”

This time the wizard breaks his silence with surprising power in his voice. “Enough!”

With that simple word, the wizard raises his staff and light emanates from a crystal at the top of it. The shadow withdraws at a rapid pace.

Silence befalls. The goblins stand with a look of shock on their faces. Only Grog is standing there with a silly grin on his face. Finally, he speaks.

“Shall we go on?”

“No, we shall rest tonight Grog. He won’t come back.”

“How can wizard be so sure?” “He got what he came for. He wanted to test the strength of my magic, that’s all.”

The Wizard, The Girl and The Unicorn’s Horn is a children’s fantasy that takes you to the magical land of Geo where people, goblins and even trolls live in relative harmony. It is the old wizard’s job to care for the land and its inhabitants and maintain harmony when things go amiss. Things change drastically, when the evil shadow comes with his demon hordes. The people awake to find themselves held captive deep below the caverns of Geo, and their fate, along with all of Geo now rests in the hands of the old worn out wizard, a ragtag bunch of goblins, and a mysterious little girl.

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  1. Thanks Clare! This is one of my favourite writes and my first family/children/YA story. I say that because both children and adults have enjoyed this book. I bought the cover illustration with rights to use it and was really happy with it. I have another too which I used, but I think this is the best one and may use it on all formats instead of the other.

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