Sarah Sandlin is obsessed with genealogy and uses it to hide from life after losing her husband to cancer. To this thirty-something, auburn-haired, blue-eyed American, the world is limited to her computer, her parents who live nearby, and one best friend in another state.

She takes every opportunity to dodge interruption to her self-imposed solitude so when a letter inviting her to conduct research arrives from an old and respected family in the U.K., she forgets to open it.

She finds the letter buried on her desk and her natural curiosity pushes her to call its author, Thomas Smith.

Something in his voice leads her to a first step out of her comfort zone and she accepts his invitation to the family’s country estate Highbridge, in North Yorkshire.

A celebration of Christmas at Highbridge, a reestablishment of family tradition and the healing of Sarah’s heart begins.

Review: I’m just starting to put together a family tree myself, so the idea of researching genealogy in this work really appealed to me. However, this is not just about tracing one’s family roots, obtaining an assignment, and travelling to England… it’s about becoming whole again after the tragic loss of one’s husband through cancer.

Then we have the journey to idyllic Yorkshire… My home county and where I currently reside, though I’m not familiar with Highbridge. However this does have me looking forward to reading Copper Swift: Back to Highbridge which is the third in Linda’s series.

The work is very well written. My only problem was with the varying povs. Now, I’m not knocking the method as it does work well at times, but I did get lost several times wondering who was speaking and sometimes found myself searching for clues. I didn’t have as much trouble when I read and reviewed Linda’s second book in the series: Daniel Smith: New Zealand Passage. Hence the three stars rather than the four I gave Daniel Smith.

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