Pearseus: Mad Water

Ancient Greece—in space

Yesterday’s Crime. Tomorrow’s Retribution

All Lehmor wants is to warn the First of the imminent danger presented by the enigmatic Iotas—the planet’s original inhabitants, long thought extinct by everyone. But a chance encounter with Cyrus leaves him almost dead until the Iotas rescue him. Will they convert him to their cause, or can he escape before they unleash an army of monsters on the unsuspecting First?

Review: When I read the first book of Pearseus, I did get lost in more than a couple of places, and I half expected the same in this second instalment of the series. I love it when an author proves wrong like this!

I found Mad Water much more alluring. We still have the same contesting factions with the Iotas, Orbs, and Whispers all playing their games with the descendants of Perseus as they pull them in a seemingly endless tug-of-war for ultimate control. However a lot which still remained a mystery in book one is finally uncovered, and it’s not like in some mysteries where revelations are somewhat disappointing; they pull you in even deeper. The story is not an easy read, There is so much depth to this story with so much going on, I have to wonder where Nicholas comes up with this stuff! The best part is the unpredictability of it all… I can’t wait to read book three!

4 thoughts on “Pearseus: Mad Water

  1. Yay! Many thanks for reading and reviewing, Kevin! Even more is answered in the next books so… happy discovering 😀

    As to the source of my musings, much of it comes from Herodotus and his history of Cyrus, the Persian King. The last book is largely based on his description of the Battle of Marathon (490 BC). So, any parts you don’t like, just blame them on him 😉

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