Nkoninkoni is a short story out of Africa. Nkoninkoni is the Wildebeest. Legend has it that it was the last animal made by God, and that because He had mostly run out of body parts by then, he made the Wildebeest using the leftover parts he had from other animals, and that’s why the Wildebeest looks like a clown. Siphiso seems to have the same problem with his oddly shaped face and is bullied because of it, until one day he goes on a magical journey with his grandfather, and that day changes his life forever.

Review: This story may be short, but it is very powerful. It’s an easy read that I would highly recommend to children, young adults, and adults alike. It sends a distinct clear message concerning issues of bullying, and animal cruelty/crimes against nature in both touching and delightful ways.

The story is written in the same manner as Jo’s earlier and much longer work, African Me and Satellite TV which happens to be one of my whole time favourites… A definite five stars for me!

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  1. It’s difficult to determine if folks really get the message you’re trying to put across… I have the same problem with my own works. And often wonder, do they get it? This is another reason why reviews are so important to us.


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