Pearseus, Rise of the Prince

Sci-fi fantasy filled with intrigue, murder, and betrayal. Fans of Game of Thrones and Dune have an exciting new series to devour, voted as one of the 100 Indie books you should read before you die.

Terrified of an ominous prophecy and spurred on by a shadowy advisor, a cruel ruler sends the young son of her favorite General to be executed. Soon, however, she has to beg the grieving father to save the country from an invading army. Now, the General faces a stark choice between revenge and honoring his vows, unaware that his son’s fate and that of the entire planet are inextricably linked.

Review: When I first started reading this work, I wasn’t sure where it was going, but as I became drawn into the depth of the characters and learned more about Pearseus, and its colonisation, philosophies, futuristic articles, conflicts, and good/evil presentation, I longed for more.

This is not what I would call an easy read, but I mean that in the most positive way. It’s difficult to tell who to side with as things are slowly unveiled… I love that!

Grammatically, the story is quite sound. The only reason I gave four stars rather than five is due to becoming lost in a couple of occasions… which is fine when there’s some clarification later on. Unfortunately, there was none… So I left with, “don’t know what happened there, but never mind… moving on!”

It’s still a great read.

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