The Sorcerer’s Garden

Recently fired and residing with her sweetly overbearing mother, Madlyn needs a job—bad. In a moment of desperation, she accepts a part-time position reading at the bedside of adventurer and amateur writer Cody Lofton. A near-drowning accident left the young man in a vegetative state, and his chances of recovery wane with each passing day.

Cody’s older brother, Dustin, and eccentric grandmother aren’t prepared to give up on the youngest son of Portland, Oregon’s royalty.

Dustin’s a personable guy, bordering on naïve, and overwhelmed by familial corporate duties and cutthroat partners. Grandmother Lillian’s a meddler with an eye for the esoteric, dabbling in Dustin’s life and dealing out wisdom like a card shark. One innocent conversation at a time, she sucks Madlyn into the Lofton story, dubbing her the princess and bestowing on her the responsibility of both grandsons’ destinies.

And all Madlyn wanted was a simple reading job. 

Uninspired by her self-imposed stack of literary selections, Madlyn opts for Cody’s work-in-progress. Fantasy isn’t her favorite, but with only four chapters completed, reading The Sorcerer’s Garden should be no sweat, right? 

Little does she realize, the story will begin writing itself and, by the hand of destiny, become her own.

Review: This is no ordinary fantasy tale. It is fantasy written for the modern age. So, strap yourselves in folks, ‘coz you’re in for one hell of a bumpy ride!

If you like dark fantasy with more than just a touch of reality to the point that you begin to wonder which is worse, or actually real, The Sorcerer’s Garden is a must read.

The work is extremely well written and constructed. I can count on one hand in the past few years , how many books I have so thoroughly enjoyed, page for page as I have this one.

Five stars for a fantastically unique work!

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  1. Ah. What fun to see this here, Kevin. I’m so glad you enjoyed this tangled tale and thanks for sharing your review. Woot Woot! I’ll set it up for a reblog in early April. You have a way of giving me a great big smile. 😀 Thanks you!

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