Pegasus Colony: People of Akiane

In the year 2132, World Space Coalition sent three ships to establish Earth’s first galactic colony on the planet, Akiane, in the Pegasus Constellation. They were never heard from again.
Three hundred years later a radio technician has discovered that the colony survived. 
But those of Akiane want nothing to do with Earth. Everything they have accomplished, they did without Earth’s help. 
The colony was supposed to be WSC’s greatest achievement, and it is determined to reclaim the planet and its people as its own. 
WSC Space Force has ordered Lt. Jessica M. Hewitt to negotiate with the rogue colony. There’s a lot riding on her; if she succeeds, her name will go into history as a hero. 
If she fails to convince the people of Akiane that they are a colony, history will see her as responsible for WSC’s first military galactic takeover. 
Jess is ill equipped for the task. She has no idea why she was chosen. She doesn’t realize that, before she can reunite the two worlds, she’s going to have to settle with her own demons first. 
So far, her demons are winning. 

Review: I love the story-line and the mysteries found in this work, and the grammar is pretty solid… But, there are simply too many distractions:

Thirteen year olds working on masters degrees, too many young people working on multiple Phd’s, and the amount of times it is mentioned kind of ruins the story… definite overkill. The other problem was, the change in POV wasn’t consistent and therefore didn’t really work.

However, I’m sure that with a bit of work, this could be an excellent novel.