City of Dreams

After Aigle hears the last notes of an alluring tune he decides he MUST have that song. But Mallory, the musician, on her way to the yearly art festival, needs to be persuaded first and so Aigle, the last of a near-extinct race: the empathetic mindmerging comyentis, needs to use all his charms and at the same time keep his secret from her.                       Until she steals his pendant: the coppery piece given to him by his real father: immensely valuable to Aigle, but worthless to her. He has no other choice than to follow her. But where she is going, he is reluctant to set foot. It is a city crammed with the comyentis’ number one enemy and the very cause of their extinction: humans.

Trapped between the city walls of Traumermoure which is beyond he could ever have dreamed up, and his loyalty to the girl, he must find a way to save her.
               Will he risk everything that is at stake for one human he hardly knows?For to wake Mallory up from her deep sleep, he must enter her dreams . . .

I wasn’t aware that this was part of a series and it was very different than I expected… and very good. As a lover of fantasy, I found the way the story was weaved very intriguing.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the originality and depth of Hellenthal’s dreams and perceptions of art and creativity. I love the book cover.

A very good fantasy tale; very well weaved.

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