Oak & Mist

Take a journey to Ambeth, where time twists and a palace gleams in green gardens. Where Light and Dark hold the Balance of the worlds, and beauty is a birthright, not a gift. 

However, appearances can be deceiving. 

When Alma stumbles between two trees into Ambeth, she finds she has a choice to make. Three items are lost: A Cup, a Sword and a Crown. Light and Dark are embroiled in a struggle for control. And both sides have been waiting for Alma to arrive…

A hidden world. A family secret. And a choice. But how do you choose between your head and your heart?

Review: The story starts with a really good premise and quickly draws you in. However, it tends to slow down a lot in the middle. I’m glad I persevered with it at this stage because it does pick up again and with a couple of twists soon gets you hooked again.

Grammatically, I cannot fault it. It’s well-written and brilliantly weaved.