The Wolf’s Moon

Mark Lansdowne, whose friendly exterior masks a history of covert missions and lethal violence, is still recovering from the death of his beloved wife one year prior. The outside world intrudes into his grief in a bloody fashion with a string of horrific attacks on locals. The body count spirals; the apparent culprit is an animal allegedly extinct for thousands of years. Lansdowne relentlessly tracks the creature, inadvertently becoming engaged in a life-or-death battle. Victorious but wounded, Lansdowne ends up in the hospital – while outside, evidence implies that the animal Lansdowne killed was not the only one of its kind.

Review: This is an action/thriller/horror story that has a really good premise and quickly draws the reader in. My favourite characters by far are Lansdowne’s dogs. Their attitude, intelligence, loyalty, and skills when tackling their adversary (wolves) is second to none. Jones does a brilliant job during these scenes. In addition to this there is plenty of other action going on.

The ending is predictable from too early on in the story, but what really lets it down for me is the level of testosterone. It’s very male-dominated with an outdated attitude towards women. Sadly, this attitude may still be prominent in some small back of the woods/rural towns as depicted in the book, and not just in Missouri. Hence, its appeal to some. If this had been written back in the 1970’s/80’s it would have fit the bill perfectly.

While the structure and grammar of the work are not too bad, there are still some noticeable errors. However, it came to my attention that Jones did hire an editor, and a very expensive one at that. (from Createspace!) This is completely horrendous, inexcusable, and a grave injustice to this writer and his work.