Eclipse Lake

Fifteen years after leaving his criminal past and estranged brother behind, widower Dane Carlisle returns to his hometown on the banks of sleepy Eclipse Lake. Now, a successful businessman, he has kept his troubled past a secret from most everyone, including his seventeen-year-old son. 

But memories in small towns are bitter and long.

Ellie Sullivan, a nature photographer for a national magazine, has a habit of ping-ponging across the map. Her latest assignment leads her to Eclipse Lake where she becomes caught up in the enmity between Dane, his brother Jonah, and a vengeful town sheriff. When freshly-discovered skeletal remains are linked to an unsolved murder and Dane’s past, Ellie is left questioning her growing attraction for a man who harbors long-buried secrets.

Review: Wow! From cover to cover, this is by far one of the best stories I have read in a long time. It has everything. Extremely well-written prose throughout. Grounded relationships, developing relationships, a real mystery that slowly unfolds, suspense, some scuffles, love, hate, trust, distrust, loss, pain, and a tale that weaves you in a totally different direction to where you think it’s leading. The emotions are profound. Mae Clair had me hooked as my mind kept trying to get ahead of the game: have relationships figured out, predict the next scene, two, or more, and even solve the murder half-way through. (As you do) She got me, and that’s what makes this book such an excellent read. I recommended this book to my wife and will most definitely reading more of Mae Clair.

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