Seeing Eye: A day at the fair

 Finalist in the 2015 Independent Author Network Book Awards! * A quirky mystery novel about reluctant psychic Rory Wilson, estranged from her strict Catholic family, because she can ‘see’ things, and good Catholic girls shouldn’t be doing that. She travels with a carnival, posing as hokey, fake psychic reader ‘Madame Mona’, just giving folks a little entertainment, until one evening a woman comes in to her tent with her little boy, looking for her missing husband. Because the boy is suffering, Rory decides to ‘go under’ to find out what happened and give this family closure. Of course, once she lets herself be drawn into a murder, there is no way out but through it. Now she has to help the police find the killer before the killer finds her. Phoenix Police Detective Michael Warrick is easy on the eyes, but hard to work with – especially since he’s not convinced that Rory isn’t the killer. Swirling around them is the carnival itself, filled with infidelity, jealousy, exotic animals, odd people, and more murder. ‘Seeing Eye – A day at the fair’ is the first in a series.

Review: The story, Seeing Eye is well-established and starts the scene in a carnival setting so one can immediately get the feel for the environment.
There are several twists and turns to keep the reader occupied throughout and Rory, the main character is strong and relative. This book will be a pure pleasure for anyone who is into mediums, psychics, tarot reading and the like.