Love, Desire and Betrayal

Four young women: Michaela, Sally, Amelia and Lauren. All Australian. All destined to find that the course of true love never did run smooth, not even when flowing through the rivers and streams of the romantic Antipodes.
Four separate tales, here, exploring a universal theme: will career ambitions jeopardize the future of these young trailblazers?
This is a series of compelling, short and highly readable works by Sydney author Margaret Lynette Sharp, whose skill as an artisan of short works has won her two literary awards, and #1 bestseller status on Amazon for one of her more recent efforts — not to mention the acclaim of numerous well-respected critics. These four tales, written earlier in Sharp’s career, are no less captivating.

Review: I was rather surprised how much I became drawn into Margaret’s short stories. Being of the Romance genre, I shamefully braced myself for the worst, and need not have! Margaret’s stories are not only written well, but are well-established and her characters, well-developed which is quite rare in short stories of any kind, and often where they fall… well… short, if I may. Add to that the dynamics of family backgrounds and influences that can leave no relationship untouched, and you’ve got four really great stories from an excellent weaver of tales.